MBC: HP A-Series and HP 1000 Product List
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HP A-Series and HP 1000 Equipment Product List

   We also have an extensive inventory of hard to find parts, boards, and cables. If you do not see what you are looking for please call 831-429-6144 or e-mail montbaypaul@gmail.com, chances are good that we have it. Also, please note that all equipment carries a warranty and if eligible, is guaranteed to qualify for Hewlett-Packard maintenance.



A990  Micro / Model CPU  C3040/41T 2-4GB SCSI Disc Drive
A900  Micro / Model CPU  C3023T/R 2 GB SCSI Disc Drive
A700  Micro / Model CPU  C3021T/R 2 GB Disc/2 GB DAT Drive
A600  Micro / Model CPU  12123M 1GB Internal SCSI Disc Drive
A400  Micro / Model CPU  12123A 234/422MB Internal SCSI Disc 
12025A/B  I/O Extender 7937H  571 MB HP-IB Disc Drive
    7946A  HP-IB Disc / Tape Drive


7959B  304 MB HP-IB Disc Drive
12103C  512 K Memory Array C2200/02/03A  335/670MB HP-IB Disc Drive
12103D  1 MB Memory Array C2212/13A  330/660MB SCSI Disc Drive
12103K  2 MB Memory Array 7958A/B  130/152 MB HP-IB Disc Drive
12103L  4 MB Memory Array 7914P/R  132 MB HP-IB Disc Drive
12103M  8 MB Memory Array 7957A/B  80 MB HP-IB Disc Drive
12111A-C ECC Memory Array 7912P/R  65 MB HP-IB Disc Drive
12220A  768 K Memory Array 7945A  55 MB HP-IB Disc Drive
12221A  3 MB Memory Array 7907A  40MB Disc Drive
12221B  8 MB Memory Array 7906B  20MB Disc Drive
    7906D  20MB Disc Drive


7906H 20MB Disc Drive
12006A  Parallel I/F Board 7906M  20MB Disc Drive
12007B  HDLC / Modem I/F    
12009A  HP-IB I/F Board


12016A SCSI I/F Kit C1520B 2GB SCSI Dat Drive
12040D  8-Channel Multiplexer C1511A 1.3GB HP-IB DAT Drive
12044A  HDLC / Direct Connect I/F 7980A/S  6250 BPI Auto-Load Drive
12060B  Analog Input Board 7978B  6250 BPI Tape Drive
12061A 32 Channel Expansion MUX  7979A  1600/6250 BPI Tape Drive
12062A  Analog Output Board 7974A  1600/800 BPI Tape Drive
12063A  Isolated Digital Board 9144A/45A  1/4" 16/32 Track Cartridge
12065A  Color Video Board    
12076A  LAN/1000 Link Interface Kit


12159A  25 KHZ Sine Wave Board 2392A/94A  Monochrome Monitor
    35741A/B  Color Monitor


C1064A/G/W (700/96) Monitor
1351A Graphics Generator 2627A Color Graphics Terminal
2240A  Measurement / Control 2393A  Mono Graphics Terminal
2250A  Measurement / Control 2397A  Color Graphics Terminal
6942A Multiprogrammer    
6943A Extender


3497A Data Acquisition Unit 2563B/4B/6B  300/600/900 LPM Printer
    2932A/3A/4A  180 CPS Printer
    9876A  Thermal Printer
    2225A/C/D ThinkJet Printer