HP 2240A Measurement and Control Processor

HP 2240A
HP 2240A Measurement and Control Processor

Monterey Bay Communications carries the HP 2240A Measurement and Control Processor. The HP 2240A is an intelligent interface between a computer or programmable calculator and an external system of sensors and control points. The HP 2240A can be configured with the following interfaces:

  • HP 2241A Extender

  • HP 22900A Analog Input Card

  • HP 22901A / HP 22901B Analog Output Card

  • HP 22902A Digital Input Card

  • HP 22903A Common Interupt Card

  • HP 22904A Digital Output Card

  • HP 22905A Counter/Stepper Motor Card


  • HP 22912C Relay Output Card

  • HP 22913C Isolated Digital Input Card

  • HP 22914A General Purpose Breadboard Card

  • HP 22915C Low Level Analog Input Card

The HP 2240A can be used with a HP 9825A, HP 9830A, or HP 9845A Desktop Computer or with the HP 1000 Computer System. Multiple HP 2240A test stands can be connected as a part of a distributed measurement and control network. Additional interfaces can be added using the HP 2241A extender.

For purchase or repair of HP 2240A Measurement and Control Processors, please email or call Monterey Bay Communications: 831-429-6144

HP 2240A Documents and Manuals
HP 2240A Product Information (PDF)
HP 2240A Specifications (PDF)
HP 2240A Subsystem Information (PDF)

HP 2240A
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HP 2240A