HP 12076A LAN/1000 Link Interface

HP 12076A LAN/1000 Link Interface

HP 12076A LAN/1000 Link Interface

HP 12076A LAN/1000 Link Interface

Monterey Bay Communications carries the HP 12076A LAN/1000 Link Interface.
The HP 12076A LAN/1000 Link is an interface for connecting HP 1000 A-Series Computers to Local Area Networks (LANS). This microprocessor based interface supports high-level user acces between the LAN/1000 Linked HP 1000 A-Series computers and other computers on the Local Area Network, including HP 3000 Systems, HP 9000 computers, and DEC VAX computers.

  • NS/1000 software supports high-level communication with other systems via the LAN/1000 Link connected Local Area Network

  • 10M bits/second Burst Transfer Rate

  • Single card interface

  • 1500 byte frame size

  • Operational compatibility with IEEE standard 802.3 and Ethernet Rev.1

  • Provides physical signalling layer and media access control sublayer

  • Interface adds preamble, Source Address and CRC to transmit packets and strips preamble and CRC from receive packets

  • 32K bytes of on-board RAM for buffereing of transmit and receive packets

  • Ability to receive multiple back-to-back packets

  • Supports Multicast, Broadcast, and Individual Addressing

  • Collection of Link Statistics (collided packets, bad packets, etc.)

  • On-board loopback of transmit packets addressed to self

  • Card configuration stored in non-volatile memory

  • Generation of response packets for TEST and XID packets for specific DSAP

  • Power-on self test

For more information regarding the HP 12076A LAN/1000 Link Interface, please email or call Monterey Bay Communications: 831-429-6144

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